Gage Roads asks rhetorical question: Beige or Gage? via Hypnosis

22 November 2023

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A crafty crack at the sea of same ‘mainstream’ beers.

Gage Roads Brew Co and Hypnosis creative agency, with tongues firmly in cheek, are taking a crafty crack at the sea of same "mainstream" beers.

Through the creation of "dull cousin" equivalent Beige Roads Brew Co, they’re asking West Australians: do they really want to drink another 'brewed in a boardroom' beige beer, or open the flavourful, refreshing and proudly independent, Gage? 

Gage Roads Brew Co, brewer of fan-favourite Single Fin, is known for its independent spirit and for brewing delicious craft beers inspired by WA’s love of sunshine, coastline and good times.

The brand has always embraced creativity and this summer, it wanted to turn things up to 11.

Hypnosis had found its insight: why not create what it is not, to show who it is? Enter Beige Roads Brew Co and its flagship brew Single Bin, a tribute to all the watery beers out there.

The ones owned by subsidiaries of holding companies, controlled by global parent conglomerates. But beyond the tribute, Hypnosis and Gage actually went and made the beer.

Hypnosis’ idea for a bland doppelgänger to Single Fin sprang from Gage’s commitment to independence and flavour. In stark contrast is Beige Roads Single Bin, described in its tasting notes as 'An office cubicle of a beverage, void of any flavour or aromatic notes. Basically, a beer as exciting as taking the bins out'.

Gage brand manager Mimi Crompton said this summer the company wanted to remind WA of who it is by really emphasising what it's not.

"Sure, we could’ve gone with the whole “summer vibes” approach, but we also just wanted to have some fun and give people a bit of a lol. It’s beer after all," she said.

Aaron Heary, director strategy, brand and hospitality at Gage Roads, said people forget that Gage Roads is still fiercely independent.

"It’s something we’re really proud of and something that should be celebrated. We thought this would be an interesting way to do that," he said.

Hypnosis’ idea quickly grew legs beyond traditional media, coming to life in OOH, a bunch of online videos, an influencer campaign and a product that’s actually available at Gage Roads Freo.

It naturally sprouted an Instagram account, a branded car and an uninspiring playlist. 

Crompton said a lot of blood, sweat and beers went into bringing this campaign to life.

"It really was collaboration at its finest. Big ups to the small but mighty team involved."

Guy Patrick, co-founder of Hypnosis, said the whole agency was thrilled to work on one of WAs most exciting brands and the cherry on top was its appetite for creativity.

"They truly understand the importance of brands being playful and championed the concept from the start. Hats off to them for going all in and actually making Beige Roads Single Bin. Hats on for a few celebratory beers in the sun,” said Patrick.

While a few unlucky souls will find cans of Single Bin dropping on their doorstep over the coming weeks, others can pop down to Gage Roads Freo Brewery and pick one up with the purchase of a six pack; and also find salvation in the bottom of a refreshing Single Fin Summer Ale. 



Agency & Production: Hypnosis

Executive Creative Director: Guy Patrick

Creatives: Will Miles & Laura Blundell 

Designer:  Tina Milosic 

Director & Editor: Frank Carroll

DOP & Photographer: Justin Griffiths

Sound Design: Justin Braine 

Accounts & Production: Amber Martin

BTS Photography: Jackson Heeley  


Gage Roads Brew Co Team


Director Strategy, Brand and Hospitality: Aaron Heary

Marketing Manager: Rebecca Lauchlan 

Gage Roads Brand Manager: Mimi Crompton

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