Flatmates encourages Australians to live more via AJF Partnership

12 January 2024

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership

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Less Hustle, More Holiday.

Australian share accommodation site Flatmates is back with a new summer campaign to highlight that Flatmates can help generate extra income and help people save on rent, providing the financial freedom to live more.

In partnership with creative agency AJF Partnership, the Flatmates campaign helps Australians visualise how they can experience more by either saving on rent or renting out a spare room, using quirky headlines such as ‘Less Hustle, More Holiday’ to capture the attention of consumers.

REA Group general manager audience and marketing, Sarah Myers, says research shows 75% of the Flatmates audience turn to share accommodation for financial reasons, and this trend is continuing.

"As people of all ages take up sharing, our summer campaign focuses on the financial benefits. Living life to the fullest is costly, and we believe you shouldn't compromise on living," she says.

“The brand’s new tagline, 'Live more with Flatmates', embodies the many benefits of listing or seeking on Flatmates. Share housing is a desirable way to live for many Australians offering more options and enabling a great lifestyle. With the increase in cost of living, there's a growing trend of renting and sharing, with 32% of the Australian population renting.

"More consumers are turning to Flatmates as a long-term housing solution, with a 20% YoY increase in active members in December.”

AJF Partnership ECD, Scott Walker, says we live in a time when more Australians are either looking at moving into shared houses, or considering renting out a room in their house, which presents an interesting creative opportunity.

“Flatmates was looking to evolve and modernise the Flatmates brand to reflect the changing face of, and reasons why, Australians are turning to shared housing options," he says.

"With ‘Live more’ we are hoping to breathe positivity and optimism into a category that can often be very pragmatic and bordering on pessimistic, shining a light on the positive life changes that can come when you embrace the financial benefits of shared house living.” 

The campaign runs throughout January and February across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Spotify in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, coinciding with the peak season for share accommodation.



Client: REA Group

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership

Production Company: Guilty

Director: Stephanie Pocklington

Post production: Finn


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