First National Real Estate's 'The Key to Happiness' via the8agency

5 June 2024

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For agents, it's more than a transaction.

First National Real Estate's latest campaign, the Key to Happiness, encapsulates the joy experienced by clients upon receiving the keys to their new property purchase or rental.

The campaign was produced by full-service creative agency the8agency.

Bidding farewell to a property may evoke bittersweet sentiments for sellers, yet it also heralds excitement for new beginnings. For agents, it's more than a transaction - a testament to their ability to turn dreams into reality.

“It might sound cliché but when you do the research and ask our real estate agent member network what they love most about being a First National Real Estate agent, the response is undeniably consistent," First National Real Estate chief operations officer Ed Atkinson said.

"'We’re not happy until our clients are happy’, it epitomises what we are here to do, and that’s to keep our clients happy and always put our clients first."

the8agency CEO Leanne Krstevski said when creating the Happiness campaign, it was clear from the beginning that the agency's source of truth was capturing the key moment for each individual client.

"The happiness felt when the First National Real Estate agent hands over the keys to a property purchaser or renter.

"The act of handing over keys signifies a special moment that transcends a mere transaction. First National Real Estate agents understand their vital role in shaping the next chapter of their clients' lives."

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