#FaceItTogether aims to end violence against women

3 March 2016

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UN Women National Committee Australia has launched a visual petition to coincide with International Women's Day.

The spot brings awareness of violence against women and girls, where as many as two in three women will experience violence and abuse at the hands of those closest to them. In some places, as many as 100% of women report experiencing violence.

The campaign video released on the organisation's Facebook page shows a number of women and men speaking candidly to the camera. The text reads, “To end violence against women and girls, we must #FaceItTogether”.

#FaceItTogether sees the creation of a single portrait, composed of overlapping faces of all the men, women and children who pledge their support and image.

UN Women Goodwill ambassador Nicole Kidman has also added her face to the petition.

A virtual platform at faceittogether.unwomen.org.au allows to take their photograph and submit it to the visual petition or upload an existing image of their choice.

The site developed by The Pulse (creative technology partner) will also give supporters the chance to share their image within the composition on social media, using the hashtag #FaceItTogether.

Show your support here.


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