Epijoint's 'Move How You Feel' via Bullfrog

8 March 2024

Creative Agency: Bullfrog

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Featuring an octogenarian blacksmith.

Nutraceutical ads can be a hodgepodge of drab testimonials and elderly people happily walking along the beach.

For its brand launch, Epijoint wanted to throw out these tired old category notions and show exactly the kind of refreshing movement its product fosters.

Naturally Bullfrog landed on an octogenarian blacksmith. The platform 'Move How You Feel' comes to life in a lovingly crafted film, created by MOFA director Sam Holst.

The film forms the backbone of a broader integrated campaign. In the agency's humble opinion, a world with more ceremonial claymores isn’t a bad thing.

Epijoint is a new over-the-counter option to relieve mild joint pain and mild osteoarthritis symptoms.

It's made with the world-exclusive ingredient Epiitalis - a plant seed oil extract high in fatty acids and patented for its anti- inflammatory effects and ability to help support joint cartilage health.

As a new to market product, Bullfrog helped created the brand’s design system, website and all campaign assets. The product is set to be launched in Australia followed closely by the US.


Client: Interpath
Creative Agency: Bullfrog
Casting: Studio P
Casting Director: Peta Dermatis Production Co: MOFA
Director: Sam Holst
Executive Producer: Llew Griffiths Producer: Linzee Rose
Production Manager: Mo Duggan DOP: Simon Walsh
Key Gaffer: Adam Hunter
Sound Recordist: Francis Byrne Production Designer: Maddie Kerry Editor: Paul Rowe
Colourist: Martin Greer
Post Production: Mr. Fox
Music / Sound Design: RanRun Stills: Benjamin Guy

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