Edge launches next iteration of Harris Coffee's Made for Australia platform

14 May 2021

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The campaign shows that Harris is ‘made for’ a series of unmistakably Australian outdoor moments.

Independent creative agency Edge, in partnership with JDE, has developed the next iteration of Harris Coffee’s brand platform ‘Made for Australia’.

Launched in the middle of lockdown in 2020, the platform celebrates the brand’s credentials as one of Australia’s original coffee roasters and the fact that each of its roasts are uniquely blended for Australian tastes.

Last year’s campaign, the Harris Café Recovery Project, showed the brand is ‘Made for Australia’ against the backdrop of bushfires and COVID-19 by supporting struggling café owners and inviting them to apply for a share of a support package.

This year, Edge needed to focus on one of the key challenges for Harris: connecting culturally with Australian coffee drinkers in order to drive its coffee credentials.

So in 2021, Harris will focus creatively on our collective love of the great Aussie outdoors: whether it’s hiking, climbing, surfing, or just getting out there and taking it all in.

“Our research showed a steady increase in interest in the outdoors – partly prompted by the COVID-driven border closures – as well as a rising cool-factor associated with it," Edge executive planning director Richard Parker says.

"And of course we all know that a great outdoor experience is made that little bit better by a great cup of coffee – which can be hard to come by when you’re off the beaten track.”

The campaign shows that Harris is ‘made for’ a series of unmistakably Australian outdoor moments.

“We truly are the lucky country, spoilt for choice with so many amazing places for us to visit," Edge executive creative director Simon Langley says.

"As a coffee that is uniquely blended in Australia, for Australian tastes, Harris is the perfect brew to enjoy in these moments. We wanted a campaign that celebrates this and inspires you to grab a bag of beans and get amongst it.”

Featuring regarded travel adventurers – Brinkley Davies, Harrison Roach, Laure Mayer, Salty Davenport and Tom Patterson – the campaign shares a series of journeys to the ultimate outdoor coffee experience and traverses the Australian coast, country and mountainside.

The campaign includes TV, online video, out-of-home, shopper, digital and social.

JDE ANZ marketing director Donna Mulholland says, “Last year’s Recovery Project saw Harris get behind cafés, an essential and integral part of Australian communities. This year we’re focusing on something else everyday Aussies care about; the outdoors and connecting with their appreciation for all things outdoors and coffee related.”

Harris brand manager Alistair Tod says, “Harris Coffee wants to continue to be part of Australian stories, and our love for the outdoors and the role coffee plays in those outdoor experiences, is relevant right now.”

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