Drinkwise presents 'It's ok to say nay' via The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song

18 November 2022

Creative Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song

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Simon Strahan: "Education is critical and DrinkWise is committed to working with parents to help look after the next generation."

Social change organisation DrinkWise has released a campaign  'It's ok to say nay' via The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, that brings to life the integral role parents play in protecting their teenagers from the risks associated with underage drinking.

The campaign was directed by Tony Rogers at Guilty, and highlights the decision many parents face when talking to their teens about alcohol.

DrinkWise chief executive officer, Simon Strahan, said: “This campaign taps into social norms to show it’s really important that parents know an overwhelming majority of other parents don’t supply their underage teenagers with alcohol – so they can be confident in saying no – and that an overwhelming majority of underage teenagers don’t drink so they can have that conversation with their kids and help them make the smart choice.

“Education is critical and DrinkWise is committed to working with parents to help look after the next generation."

The Monkeys chief creative officer, Ant Keogh, said: “Armed with the right information, parents are pretty good judges of what’s right for their kids. We knew some parents were feeling some pressure to supply alcohol because they assumed other parents were doing it so we wanted to give them the facts and the confidence to say nay.”

The integrated campaign launches this week in Australia across television, social, radio and online.


Client: DrinkWise

Chief Executive Officer: Simon Strahan

Marketing Director: Nathan Kent

Corporate Affairs Director: Carla Tatulaschwili

Behavioural Insights Manager: Dr Jenny Liao

Creative Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song

Chief Executive Officer: Paul McMillan

Chief Creative Officer: Ant Keogh

Head of Planning: Michael Derepas

General Manager: Sophie Gosper

Senior Planner: Dave Collins

Senior Copywriter: Jono Aidney

Senior Art Director: Gabe Woodmansey

Junior Art Director: Matthew Chen

National Head of Production: Romanca Mundrea

Senior Producer: Eliza Malone

Content Director: Allan Carlow

Content Manager: Isaac Montebello

Production: Guilty

Director: Tony Rogers

Executive Producer: Jason Byrne

Producer: Victoria Schaw

Production Coordinator: Jack Davies

DOP: Aaron Farrugia

Art Director: MacGregor Knox

Costume: Steph Hooke

Hair & Make Up Design: Lou McLaren

Casting: Chameleon Casting

Offline: Tim Parrington

Grade: CJ Dobson

Online: Jamie Scott

Sound: Squeak E Clean Studios

Engineer: Paul Le Couteur

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