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17 January 2024

Media Agency: PHD Network

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Hijacks a wedding expo.

Doritos has disrupted the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo over the weekend to celebrate its irresistibility alongside its bold fans who can’t resist temptation, no matter where a craveable snacking moment occurs.  

Doritos’ recent ‘For The Bold’ ad series captures Doritos lovers succumbing to the temptation of their beloved chips in various scenarios, including a bride in her Doritos-dusted wedding dress.

Doritos has put its ads to the ultimate test by offering brides-to-be an irresistible snacking experience, with unexpected consequences.   

Doritos took centre stage by infusing its notorious orange chips into the heart of all things matrimonial. Attendees were immersed in a world of white wedding elegance, from dresses to décor, table linens to tuxedos, only to find Doritos' orange fingerprints descending upon the exhibition.  

Providing attendees with the orange chips among a room full of white, Doritos lovers snacked on the corn chips amidst the pristine setting, unable to resist the crave-ability of the iconic snack,​​ causing orange fingerprints to be spread throughout the venue.   

Upping the disruptive antics, Doritos hijacked the catwalk with a model taking to the runway with her bridal gown covered in Doritos orange dust – bringing the bridal OOH ad scenario to life while highlighting the consequences of an irresistible snacking moment. 

Doritos’ wedding installation included a photo booth where attendees could take their photo with a Doritos-dusted veil, or a bouquet made from the iconic corn chips. 

Chief marketing officer ANZ, Vandita Pandey, PepsiCo, says the team wanted to bring its bold ad campaign to life in a way that resonates and engages its fans in the real world,

"While putting the irresistibility of Doritos to the test. What better way to showcase the consequences of irresistible snacking moments than hijacking a prestigious wedding expo with our iconic orange dust?" says Pandey.

"Doritos is all about embracing boldness and living unapologetically, and this event perfectly embodies that spirit." 

The activity unfolded in the wake of Doritos' revelation that three-quarters of the country (75%) confess to succumbing to the irresistibility of Doritos when they shouldn’t have – with the scenes from this weekend proving the corn chips irresistible status.   



Brand: Doritos 

Senior Brand Manager: Kathryn Miller 

Marketing Manager: Sam O’Donnell 

Brand Director: Tracy Hardwick 

CMO: Vandita Pandey 

Communications Manager: Skye Oxenham 


Creative Agency: VaynerMedia 

Head of Australia: Amy Bradshaw Head of Creative and Consulting: Yash Murthy  

Head of Delivery APAC: Jonathan Gerard 

Strategy Director: Chrissie Malloch 

Business Director: Taryn Vernoy 

Senior Account Director: Elyssa Markle 

Senior Art Director: Miles Jackson 

Senior Art Director: Lehi Curtis 

Copywriter: Asela Marcelline 

Senior Strategist: Crystal Chen 

Post Creative Strategist: Vivien Bui 

Senior Project Manager: Clare Dyer 


Media Agency: TRIO (PHD Australia) 

Group Business Director: Jen Jones 

Group Investment Director: Ryan Ambrose 

Planning Director: Gilbert Lee 

Planning Manager: Ellie Begg 

Account Executive: Jessie Vu 

Account Coordinator: Tasnia Sheikh 


Media Agency (Activation Strategy & Execution): DRUM  

Director of Projects and Operations: Erin Fletcher 

Executive Producer: Kimm McTavish 

Snr Account Manager: David Milligan 

Digital Designer: Matt David 

Junior Producer: Emily Meades 

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