Dettol's 'Wash Like The Wiggles' via WiredCo.

9 July 2024

Creative Agency: WiredCo

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Turning handwashing into a fun experience.

WiredCo. has launched a campaign for Reckitt’s Dettol, which has partnered with The Wiggles to find a way to turn handwashing into a fun experience for both parents and children alike.

Handwashing isn’t something that excites children, and the thought of getting them to do it may evoke even less excitement for parents.

“During the pandemic, hand hygiene naturally grew. Post-pandemic, it’s important that we keep it on the agenda amongst 3–6-year-olds so they can keep building those vital social and play skills without interruption from the spread of germs," Reckitt ANZ marketing director Holly McCarthy said.

“And our research indicates a staggering 87% of Australian children don’t wash their hands properly by not washing for the 20+ seconds recommended by health experts.”

This was a clear signal to Reckitt that Dettol could help parents, leading to the partnership between Reckitt and The Wiggles, facilitated by The Comms Department.

Reckitt ANZ category marketing manager Annelie Pennock said the company's research reflected that 50% of parents/teachers think a role model being involved would be most effective to help their child remember to wash their hands.

"So, it was important we picked the right partner," she said.

To raise awareness of the partnership, WiredCo was appointed to develop the Wash Like The Wiggles campaign. The ANZ campaign - which has launched across cinema, TV, creator partnerships, earned media and multiple digital touchpoints this week - centers around a song, simple dance routine and music video that was co-created with The Wiggles.

To support it, a new Dettol Kids Colour Foaming handwash has been created with The Wiggles.

WiredCo. partner David Kennedy said being part of this coming together of two giant Australian icons in Dettol and The Wiggles was an absolute privilege for the team.

"For us, working with such a compelling insight and bringing that truth to life was important to solving the challenge in the freshest possible way," he said.

The Comms Department MD Bec Brown said The Wiggles are one of the world's most trusted children's brands.

"Our partnerships are purpose-driven, always aiming to foster positive change for children, making this Wiggles collaboration with Dettol truly rewarding," Brown said.

A limited edition Wash Like The Wiggles songbook has also been created for content creators, schools and media, which helps parents learn the lyrics and actions with their children. 

Red Wiggle Simon Pryce that teaching children about hand hygiene can be as challenging as getting them to eat their veggies.

"That's why we're pleased to work with Dettol on a unique approach to education that resonates with children and helps vital messages like this stick.”




Joe Stuart, Creative Lead

Sasha Thariani, Senior Account Director

Jessica Nutt, Senior Account Manager

Michael Hanly, Senior Designer

Michelle Hampton, Partner

David Kennedy, Partner



Holly McCarthy, ANZ Marketing Director

Annelie Pennock, ANZ Category Manager

Amy Vu, ANZ Dettol Senior Brand Manager

Gary Bevan, Partnerships Manager

Daniel Bunten, Digital Manger

Rebecca Antonucci, Legal Counsel

Sally Fan, Senior Associate Regulatory Affairs, R&D


The Precinct:

Emma Plummer, Producer

Di Yee, Director

Henry Motteram, MD


The Wiggles & Hot Potato Studios:

The Wiggles Cast

Aaron Hill, DOP

Kate Chiodo, Production Manager

Rachel Barlow, Production Coordinator

Michael Refalo, Photographer

Bec Brown, PR and Sponsorships - The Comms Department

Michael Hickson, PR and Sponsorships - The Comms Department

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