Coopers celebrates being 'Local Everywhere' via Special

23 November 2023

Creative Agency: Special

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Featuring its very own 'Big Ale'.

Coopers is ushering in a celebration of locality, with the launch of a new multi-touchpoint campaign from Special Australia.  

Coopers, the last locally owned and operated big-beer brand in the country, announced the findings to celebrate ‘Local, Everywhere’, a campaign set to mark the brand’s place as the local beer of Australia.

Because although Coopers may be born in Adelaide, it’s raised by locals all over Australia, making Coopers truly Local Everywhere.

Throughout a storied 162 year history, Coopers has always remained loyal to its original beer making ways and loyal to the local towns of Australia, from Geelong to Glebe, Cottesloe to Cairns and every town between.

That’s why people will find Coopers on tap, in the fridge, and in the hands of drinkers in every corner of the country. 

And it’s locals everywhere that will be front and centre for the campaign launch as Coopers recognises those who’ve helped propel the brand from an Adelaide favourite, to the nation’s local beer. 

And nothing says 'local' in Australia like a 'Big Thing'. Coopers decided to play on this Australian tradition by gifting more than 1200 towns and cities across the nation with its very own 'Big Ale'—the next big thing, in big things: showing that Coopers is truly 'local everywhere', and to celebrate Coopers is running a selection of bar shouts across the country, showing that Coopers is truly 'local everywhere'.

Ryan Fitzgerald, ECD at Special, said in 'Local Everywhere' the agency got a platform that lets it celebrate the genuine connection that Coopers has established with drinkers right around the country off the back of 162 years of brewing exceptional beers.

"The Big Ales is our playful way of thanking Coopers drinkers, everywhere—leaning into something quintessentially Australian at a scale like never before," he said.

The AR experience will also be supported by online video, with a 30 second piece championing Coopers’ regional customers. The film, shot in Miles QLD, includes real community members, and centres around The Windsor Hotel, currently under the helm of Jaimee Neilsen. 

Neilsen said Coopers has been part of the community for years now.

"For us, Coopers has been more than a brand, we feel like a real extension of the family, and welcoming cameras up in Miles and featuring so prominently as part of the brand’s campaign really shows their commitment to regional drinking spots just like us," said Neilsen.

Coopers will also be celebrating what it means to be a true local, recognising the individual nuances of hundreds of cities, towns and suburbs around Australia with hyper localised ‘As Local As’ OOH messaging giving a shout out to what makes each location unique. 

Launching via the interactive AR mobile experience, paid & owned social, earned media, influencer content, and large & small format OOH, ‘Local Everywhere’ will break new ground in augmented reality.

The enabling of a geospatial AR experience, with dynamically occluding AR ‘Beer Cans’ in over a thousand locations nationwide will be an Australian first, demonstrating the brand's ambition across the country.

Despite being born in South Australia, around 75% of the brand’s volume is now sold outside of the home state, with huge growth in locality throughout the nation.

Coopers’ distribution strategy and ‘Local Everywhere’ approach echoes Australian consumer demand, with two in five looking for more Australian owned and made beer brands when they're purchasing.  

The Coopers ‘Local Everywhere’ Big Ales will be live from Monday, November 20 in more than 1200 destinations across South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, Canberra and Western Australia.





Client: Coopers Brewery

General Manager - Michael Shearer

National Marketing Manager - Kate Dowd

National Campaign Manager - Amy March

Social & Digital Manager - Aaron Child

Social Media Coordinator - Grace Swift

Category, Insights & Innovation Manager - Duncan Ashcroft



Agency: Special Australia

Partner/CEO: Lindsey Evans

Partners/CCO: Julian Schreiber & Tom Martin

Partner/CSO: Bec Stambanis

Executive Creative Director: Ryan Fitzgerald

Creative Directors: Adam Ferrie & Peter Cvetkovski

Creative Technologist: Laurent Marcus

Managing Director, Special PR: Alex Bryant

Creative Strategist: Kate Wilkinson

Media and Communications Director: Georgia Thomas

Junior Strategist: Ollie Immurs

Team Lead: Georgia Newton

Business Director: Marnie Dunn

Business Manager: Ayesha Kithulegoda

Head of Film & Content Production: Sophie Simmons

Lead Producer: Charlotte Wren

Senior Integrated Producer: Glen Mcleod

Director, Digital: James Simmons

Digital Producer: Gigi Song

Design Director:  Dan Jones

Head of Stills production: Nick Lilley

Studio: Jen Bailey & John Rivera



Agency: KWPX

Executive Director of Media: Natalie Morley

Senior Media Manager: Maddy Papilion

Digital Media Director: Luc Thomas

Digital Media Director: Oliver Whelan

Media Executive: Sarah Aboulhosn

Media Executive: Lucy Byrne



Augmented Reality Experience & Live Action Production: T&DA (Technology & Design Agency) -


Executive Director: Tyrone Estephan

Producer: Caroline MacLeod

Creative Director: Ray Leung

Technical Artist: Sean Simon
Creative Technologist: Rhys Turner

Cinematographer: James Anderson



Post Production: ALT VFX

Editor: Jon Holmes

Photographer: Jack Rocklife


Sound House: Gusto Studios

Producer: Brigid Giles-Webb

Sound Engineer: Colin Simkins

Music Editor: Cameron Giles-Webb

Composer: Vincent Pedulla


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