Compare the Market's meerkat duo shine a light on energy bill savings

9 May 2024

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"Don’t just switch off to save, switch over."

Compare the Market’s renowned meerkat duo Aleksandr and Sergei helping Australians navigate the cost-of-living crisis are now shining a light on the next big household bill – energy.

The campaign celebrates the launch of Compare the Market's improved energy journey helping Australians compare prices in a matter of minutes.

Too many Australians have been left in the dark when it comes to looking for a better gas or electricity plan. Compare the Market’s latest campaign, ‘One Click Colin’, sees the cheeky Meerkats encouraging households to switch over, not just switch off, to save money on their gas and electricity bills.

In the latest offering, which is part of the financial comparison website’s Meerkat Motivationals series, Aleksandr and Sergei want Colin to know that switching off gas and electricity isn’t the only way to save.

Colin’s house is left in turmoil when he cuts the energy supply to lower his bills, before a persistent Aleksandr and Sergei offer a better tactic to keep costs down.

"Don’t just switch off to save, switch over,” the duo tell Colin.

Compare the Market’s CMO Andrew Holt said he hoped the ‘One Click Colin’ would help Australians wake up to waste.

“Alarmingly, 8 in 10 Australians we recently surveyed said they haven’t switched energy plans in the last 12 months, meaning they could be missing out on cheaper prices for the same gas and electricity supply,” Holt said.

“We know that the household budget has taken a beating over the past couple of years and one way that Australians may be able to claw back cash is by switching to a cheaper energy plan. As Aleksandr and Sergei say, don’t just switch off to save, switch over.”

The integrated campaign for One Click Colin will appear across TV, and BVOD, online video, radio and out-of-home channels from 5 May 2024.

It coincides with the re-launch of Compare the Market’s fully-online comparison tool, helping Australians compare accurate usage-generated prices from multiple energy retailers all in one place.



Chief Marketing Officer: Andrew Holt

GM of Brand: Michael Goodhew

Brand & Campaign Manager: India Williams

Campaign Coordinators: Amber Hagan & Rebecca Bartel

Campaign Design: Janice Yeung

Agency: The Whole Picture

Creative Direction: Oliver Devaris & Graham Johnson

Project Direction: Jen Peace & Therese Walley

Production: Scarlett Howard


Passion Pictures: Dave Scanlon, Kate Goodwin, Rick Bland

Transmission Pictures: Fiona McGregor

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