Choosing the perfect tune for that perfect drop of red just got easier

11 July 2018

Advertiser: Spotify
Creative Agency: Eleven Communications

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This clever and fun new spot introduces the world to the Songmelier - an expert in mixing tunes with tannins.

Pairing wine with food is a tricky business. Becoming a fully-fledged sommelier takes many years of studying and practice to the point where ‘somms’ should, by taste, be able to identify where a specific bottle of wine comes from and the properties of the soil of a particular vineyard.

But what about that other vital ingredient to a great dinner party – the music?

Thankfully, there’s a solution for that too – the Songmelier.

“If I was the songmelier to this delicious bottle of sparkling, I’d probably want something like hip hop,” says Kate Peck, a music expert, clearly channelling thoughts of Snoop downing a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonay Pinot Nor Non Vintage.

Eleven has worked with alcohol delivery service Jimmy Brings and Spotify to launch three limited edition wines that marry well with music in this fun campaign.

The Songmelier Edition range features an Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc and Reserve Shiraz, each paired with a Spotify playlist accessible via a code on the label.

Wine lovers can simply scan the code using the Spotify app to discover the tunes behind the tannins.

Each playlist features some of Spotify’s most unusual microgenres including Bubblegum Trap, Aussietronica, Chillwave and Electrofox, curated to complement the characters of each drop.

“No dinner party is complete without wine and music, so we decided to help relieve the stress of hosting friends. The Songmelier Edition gives our customers everything they need to create a night worth remembering; perfectly paired wines and music,” Jimmy Brings co-founder Nathan Besser said.

So what do our Songmeliers think about Sav Blanc and Shiraz? Well, you’re going to have to find out by watching this brilliant little spot.

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