Carlton Dry’s 'Imported from Drylandia' via Clemenger BBDO

15 August 2023

Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO

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Inviting a new generation of drinkers to an absurd land.

An exotic provenance story is often the key ingredient in successful beer advertising. With this in mind, Carlton Dry’s new brand platform, launched this week via Clemenger BBDO, welcomes you to Drylandia - the home of Carlton Dry.

The new campaign, Imported from Drylandia, introduces an eccentric, faraway world with flying long horses, mystical portals, roll-neck skivvies, and its number number one export, Carlton Dry. It’s a parody of our own world - if it exists here, it exists in Drylandia.

Only it’s a little crazier. Drylandia invites a new generation of drinkers to an absurd land. 

The visual world of Drylandia was built over a 12-week collaborative production process that spanned across the globe, including creative agency Clemenger BBDO, production company Revolver, visual effects experts BaconX in Copenhagen, and Swedish director Andreas Nilsson. 

Nicole McMillan, general manager of marketing at Carlton & United Breweries, said the company wanted to create a campaign that evokes the same sense of fun that Carlton Dry does.

"What better way to do that than to imagine the distant land of Drylandia," said McMillan.

Richard Williams, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO, said there’s something about beer that comes from an exotic place.

"We thought it was a wonderful opportunity to remind drinkers that Carlton Dry comes from an exotic place too…. sort of,” he said.

Imported from Drylandia launched on Sunday across TV, radio, social, digital, OOH, cinema, gaming, sponsorship and activation.




Client: Carlton & United Breweries

General Manager of Marketing: Nicole McMillan

Head of Contemporary Brands: Ben Eyles

Marketing Manager: Stephen McWilliams

Brand Manager: Felicity Smith


Agency: Clemenger BBDO


Production Company: Revolver

Director: Andreas Nilsson

Managing Director/ Co-Owner: Michael Ritchie

Executive Producer/ Partner: Pip Smart

Producer: Caroline Kruck

DOP: Stefan Duscio

Production Designer: Damien Drew

Editor & On Set VFX: Scott Stirling

Costume: Matt Stegh

Casting: Peta Einberg Casting


Post Production/ VFX: Bacon X

Creative Director: Jonas Drehn

VFX Supervisor: Thomas Haas-Christensen/ Jonas Drehn

Concept Artist: Ditte Marie Ludvigsen

Executive Producer: Eliana Carranza-Pitcher

HoP: Cilie Kragegaard

Senior VFX Producer: Lars Wagner

On Set VFX Supervisor: Jonas Drehn

On Set VFX Assistant: Scott Stirling

Compositors: Jacob Carlsson, Kai Hauswirth, Lukas Remis

CG-Lead: Thomas Haas-Christensen, David Ryberg Lessel

CG Artists: Arthur Dalvig, Asger Langhoff, Julia Forsman, Mike Pedersen, Rickard Didriksson, Tobias Ipsen

Digital Matte Painting: Emma Bielokostolská

Colourist: Sam Gilling

Conform: Oliver Wozny/ Søren Knudsen


Sound House: Rumble

Composer: Jeremy Richmond

Partner/ Creative Director/ Sound Engineer: Tone Aston

Partner/ Executive Producer: Michael Gie

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