Bonsoy goes beyond soy in new range via Thinkerbell

13 November 2023

Creative Agency: Thinkerbell

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Including almond milk and sparkling coconut water.

Bonsoy, as its name would suggest, well at least the second part of it, is best known for its iconic soy milk. But in an new development, Bonsoy has gone beyond soy with a series of non soy products.

These new non soy alternatives including almond milk and sparkling coconut water, as well as Bonsoy's soy milk, feature in a new iteration of Bonsoy's 'But Is it Bonsoy' campaign.

The Bonsoy soy and non soy ‘But is it Bonsoy’ campaign is live within digital, social and OOH across NSW, QLD and VIC.




Client: Bonsoy

Creative and Media: Thinkerbell

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