Blu-Tack celebrates all the types of ‘tackers’

11 April 2019

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‘Tidy Tackers’, ‘Party Tackers’ and ‘Little Tackers’, which one are you?

Blu-Tack is asking Australian’s what kind of ‘tacker’ they are in its latest campaign which showcases all the ways people use the product.

The work, created by Communicado Melbourne, features a 15-second clip of ‘Bluey’ being used as an eraser, adhesive and more.

Bostik, which owns Blu-Tack, consumer category manager Mellissa Coulter says the campaign is focused on driving engagement with consumers.

“Our brief to Communicado was to create a reminder and rejuvenation campaign to stimulate sales in the stationery category,” Coulter says.

“Blu-Tack is more than you imagine and we hope this new campaign will bring relevancy to a new wave of consumers by getting people to rethink Blu-Tack in a modern way.”

The video was produced by Melbourne-based Hooves, with producer John Pace saying Blu-Tack is only limited by your imagination.

“We revelled in the opportunity to characterise an iconic product that we've grown up using and to explore and celebrate its thousand and one uses,” Pace says.

The campaign launches 15 April across online, native and out of home.

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