Black Hawk creates tool to help Australians have healthier dogs

8 February 2018

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney

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Dogs are man's bestfriend, but are we hurting them by sneaking naughty treats under the table?

Masterpet’s premium dog food range Black Hawk is encouraging owners to help their dogs live healthier lives as part of the latest extension for the Real Food Movement for Pets created by The Works.

The new ad and tool, DogCheck, is based on the insight that more than 40% of the nation’s dogs overweight or obese.

The moving spot shows owners sneaking treats to their much-loved animals under the table and questions if pets are being killed with kindness.

While this time of year is traditionally when humans get in shape, Black Hawk is encouraging owners to be better informed about their pets health and wellbeing by putting themselves in the paws of their dogs.

Developed by The Works, Black Hawk DogCheck helps identify if their dog’s health is at risk due to obesity and helps them to take steps needed to improve their pet’s wellbeing.

Owners submit their dog’s current weight, gender, age and breed to the DogCheck website which then transforms the data into human form enabling owners to visualise their dogs as they would see themselves.

The launch of DogCheck, which is accessible via smartphone and desktop, is being supported by PR, social, video content and events.

The Works creative partner Damian Pincus says the tool is a long term utility for owners to ensure their pet is as healthy as possible.

“We’ve all probably seen dog’s that are carrying a few too many kilos, but when we see how a dog would look in human form it offers a useful frame of reference to pet owners unsure if their dog is a healthy size," he says.

Aaron Chillingworth, national Marketing manager at Masterpet adds: “Black Hawk passionately stands behind the Real Food Movement. The evolution of this movement is DogCheck, where we are looking to shine a light on a growing issue in pet health in Australia. DogCheck is about showing passionate pet parents that pet health is more than just feeding great food. It is also about portion control and getting moving in order for your dog to live happy, healthy, longer lives.”

The Works was appointed by Masterpet to lead brand strategy, creative and digital for its Black Hawk and Vitapet brands in late 2016.

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