Black Hawk celebrates LandSAR search dog heroes via The Works

21 September 2020

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney

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The commercial features LandSAR patroller Matt Gunn and his avalanche trained dog Rocket.

The Treble Cone ski resort in New Zealand’s South Island provides the stunning backdrop for Black Hawk’s latest campaign highlighting the lifesaving work carried out by Land Search and Rescue’s (LandSAR) specialist search and rescue dog teams.

LandSAR has over 80 members with nine operational avalanche dogs and 12 wilderness search dogs.

Black Hawk has been donating its premium range of dog food to feed these four-legged heroes for a number of years, ensuring they are in peak physical health when called into action.

“LandSAR carry out vitally important search and rescue missions, often in treacherous terrain," says Masterpet head of marketing New Zealand Ruth Reid.

"Ensuring the dogs are healthy and have access to great food is crucial for them to effectively do their work. Black Hawk is a proud supporter of LandSAR, including providing food for the search dogs for several years. We’re delighted to celebrate these dogs and their handlers with this campaign.”

The commercial features LandSAR patroller Matt Gunn and his avalanche trained dog Rocket on patrol at Treble Cone.

One avalanche dog can search one hectare in approximately 30 minutes while it would take 20 foot searchers four hours to search the same area.

Created by Black Hawk’s agency The Works, a 30-second TV brand spot and a 15 second product spot is airing across free to air TV in New Zealand accompanied by digital, point of sale and social media content.

“The relationship between a LandSAR dog and handler is built on trust and care for each other," says The Works, part of RXP Group, creative partner Damian Pincus.

"As a team they have to look after each other and we have captured this special relationship between Matt and Rocket using the dramatic and beautiful backdrop of Treble Cone.”

Agency: The Works
Production: Two Bearded Men
Post production: Daresay

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