BIG4 Holiday Parks' latest chapter in 'GO BIG' platform via Pangea

25 January 2024

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Introducing the BIG4 Park Ranger.

BIG4 Holiday Parks has rolled out an extension to its ‘GO BIG’ brand platform via Pangea.

In 2023, BIG4 launched its new brand platform which focused on the ‘GO BIG feeling’ that people experience from the moment they book a BIG4 holiday.

This extension introduces the BIG4 Park Ranger and a series of ‘Top Tips’ videos showcasing those often-unspoken-but-uniquely-Australian behaviours and traditions that accompany holidaying in a BIG4 park.

Tash Prendergast, head of marketing at BIG4, says the company is doubling down on its GO BIG brand platform.

“We launched our GO BIG campaign with a focus on the pre-stay excitement that comes with booking a BIG4 holiday. The natural next step was to continue that “GO BIG” feeling beyond the booking moment," she says.

"So we took the opportunity to shine a light on the unbeatable BIG4 in-park experience that so many Aussies know and love.”

Tommy McCubbin, creative director at Pangea, says when the team wanted to extend the ‘GO BIG’ platform, it worked with Park Owners to bring real stories from real Australian holidaymakers to life.

"When you forget someone’s name, just run with maaate. We all do it," he says.

"The outcome was a series of tips which practically wrote themselves, because they’re based on stories we can all relate to.”

The videos are accompanied by an in-park treasure hunt which asks BIG4 guests to find all 10 Top Tips hung on plaques around branded BIG4 parks this summer. Those guests who find all 10 go in the running to win a bunch of BIG4 prizes.

Prendergast says these videos are fun and hit all the right notes in the BIG4's humble and human, cheeky and cheerful tone of voice.

“But what makes this one truly special is that the campaign extension also lives and breathes as part of the holiday experience for thousands of guests staying in BIG4 Holiday Parks around the country this summer," says Prendergast.

The series of spots are running across BVOD, YouTube, social media and on over summer.




Client: BIG4 Holiday Parks

Head of Marketing: Tash Prendergast

Content & Social Manager: Summer Lee

Performance Marketing Lead: Rachel D’Souza

Campaign Lead: Eliza Cowling


Agency: Pangea

Creative Director: Tommy McCubbin

Founder & Business Director: Tim Holman

Business Director: Evan Johnson

Project Director: Ann-Sophie Dam

Creative: Aaron Tyler


Production: Magnetizer

Stills Photography: Benny Capp Photography

Media: Ryvalmedia

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