Believe in marriage equality? Ben and Jerry's says 'I DOugh'

13 February 2015

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Ben and Jerry's wants you to step inside its Mardi Gras phone box and tell your MP it's time for change in its #EqualityCalling campaign.

The ice cream company has teamed up with non-profit organisation Australian Marriage Equality to force action on the issue, by building a rainbow-coloured phone box which delivers messages of support to federal MPs.

Messages recorded in the phone booth will be automatically sent through to federal representatives offices and will also be highlighted on social media. The phone booth will debut at the Mardi Gras Fair Day on 22 February. For those who can't make it however, a hotline has been set up at 1300 663 679 and will remain open indefinitely.

The campaign is a response to claims from several politicians that the issue of marriage equality isn't important to constituents because they receive few phone calls on the topic.

It's also part of Ben and Jerry's long-standing campaign with Australian Marriage Equality, 'Say I DOugh'. As part of its support, the ice creamery will be renaming its Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream 'I DOugh, I DOugh'.

Ben and Jerry's Australian brand champion Kalli Swaik said: “As a social justice company, we're immensely proud to support an issue that embodies so many of our core values.

“To make marriage equality a reality in Australia, we need to make our collective community's voice heard, and that is exactly what our Equality Calling hotline will do.”

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