Australian Marine Conservation Society's ‘Fantastical Sharks & Rays’ exhibition via Innocean

12 December 2023

Creative Agency: Innocean

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Using children’s imaginations and iconic Australian artists.

Innocean Australia has partnered with the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) to create an exhibition highlighting the silent extinction facing lesser known Australian sharks and rays.

These endangered species are so unique and live so deep beneath the ocean that minimal research or imagery of them exists. 

This school holidays, AMCS is asking Australian kids to lend their imagination to bring these fantastical species to life through art of any form (except artificial intelligence).

The top entries will inspire artworks by 10 of Australia’s most iconic artists, including Ken Done, Jenny Turpin, Janet Laurence, Reko Rennie, Jonathan Zawada, Rosie Deacon, Sarah & Sebastian, Dion Horstmans and Blak Douglas.

These artworks will be launched and showcased at the ‘Fantastical Sharks & Rays’ exhibition in the Australian Museum from August 2024 to January 2025.

This latest project continues the successful long-term AMCS strategy of inspiring the next generation of ocean protectors, while also engaging their parents.

Sharks have a fierce reputation but a world without them is far scarier. The project aims to challenge the reputation of sharks and rays as fearsome predators, fostering a new appreciation for their variety of species and fascinating characteristics; the likes of which might not be around for too long if commercial fishing continues at such scale.

Done said this is a unique project and one that he is immensely looking forward to participating in.

"If it helps to protect some of the world's endangered species, that would be a great achievement for us all," he said.

Leonardo Guida, shark scientist for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, said the team is excited to see the imaginative interpretations of these remarkable shark and ray species by the next generation of artists.

"The fusion of art and science has never been more important as a means to engage and empower the broader community to save our threatened species and ensure healthy oceans for future generations," said Guida.

Pamela Parrelli, Innocean art director, and Charlotte Berry, Innocean copywriter, said ocean conservation can be a daunting issue - until people start working with the creativity and hope of children.

"Seeing simple descriptions inspire artworks out of this world is a reminder of the power of pure creativity - far beyond anything a 25 character prompt could deliver in a few seconds," said Perrelli and Berry.

'For every artwork, imagine the number of thoughts and conversations between children and parents over these sharks and rays - perhaps changing both perspectives for life.”

The competition is now open and submissions close February 29, 2024.  The exhibition will open at the Australian Museum on August 31, 2024 until January 26, 2025. 

Details on how to enter, along with the full list of endemic sharks and rays for artistic inspiration, can be found on the official competition webpage at




Innocean Australia

CEO: Jasmin Bedir

Executive Creative Director: Wez Hawes

Creative Director: Effie Kacopieros

Digital Creative Director: Hannah Melanson

Art Director: Pamela Parrelli

Copywriter: Charlotte Berry

Design Lead: Michael Macgregor

Client Partner: Carolyn Cho

Account Manager: Ruth Murphy

Head of Production: Renata Barbosa

Producer: Natasha Downs

Editor: Dave Anlezark



Australian Marine Conservation Society

Shark Scientist & Shark Conservation Lead: Dr Leonardo Guida, PhD

Communications Director: Imogen Scott

Digital Content Producer: Jessica Walker

Media Advisor: Alex Tibbitts

The Humane Society

Communications Manage: Hannah Clayton

Marine Biologist, Spokesperson: Lawrence Chlebeck


The Australian Museum


Head of Exhibitions: Fran Dorey

Producer: Trevor Ahearn


Art Curation

Natalia Bradshaw



Website Production: Rockit Digital

Sound: Rumble

Retouching & Design: Wellcom


Special thanks to St John’s The Baptist School in Freshwater.

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