Australian lamb skewers the generation gap via The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song

7 January 2024

Creative Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song

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Have a chat around a lamb BBQ.

Australian Lamb is back. This year, the hotly anticipated summer campaign is skewering the generation gap that continues to divide the nation.

The film, created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, and co-directed by Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien and Trent O’Donnell – a Millennial and Gen X-er, respectively – imagines a world in which the generations have been separated by The Generation Gap: an impassable chasm that keeps each age group away from the others.

Left to their own devices, each generation has become the worst version of themselves - until a lamb BBQ appears to remind Australians of all ages that, actually, we have more in common than divides us.

“Pop culture would have us believe that the generations are practically different species," said Graeme Yardy, domestic market manager at Meat and Livestock Australia.

"Apparently, Boomers are unable to master the basics of technology whilst Zoomers spend every waking moment making TikTok dances and Millennials spend too much on avo toast and craft beer.

“But in reality, there’s far more that unites than separates us, and that’s what this year’s Summer Lamb campaign is all about.

"Whether it’s a love of our sporting heroes or our beautiful landscapes, the best of Australia always brings us together, and what better way to break down the generational divide than over an epic Aussie lamb BBQ – the ultimate unifier!”

Scott Dettrick, creative director at The Monkeys, said the generation gap in Australia has never been wider with growing differences in wealth, opinions, and ways of communication.

"The various frustrations this year have each generation throwing tropes around, looking for someone to blame. When you scratch beneath the surface though, it's attitudes, not age, that divide us," said Dettrick.

"Maybe if we just got around a lamb BBQ and had a chat, we might find out that grandad is actually pretty cool, or all that stuff millennials know can be really useful.

"Our entire creative process this year was a fun generational debate, and with multi-generational directors and editors on the films, it was all very method."

The full-length ad premieres during the evening news of Seven and Ninetonight (January 7) followed by a rollout across free to air and subscription TV nationally.

It will be pushed out across TV, online video, catch up TV, paid social and retail OOH channels by UM, with One Green Bean driving reach for the campaign across earned media and owned social.

One Green Bean will also amplify the campaign via a social-first content piece launching across owned and influencer marketing channels from January 15.

The campaign will also be supported through key retail and butcher channel activation and integration.

Client – Meat & Livestock Australia
General Manager – Marketing and Insights: Nathan Low
Domestic Market Manager: Graeme Yardy
Brand Manager: Derek Lau
Creative Agency – The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song
The Monkeys Group CEO and Co-Founder & Accenture Song ANZ President: Mark Green
Managing Director: Matt Michael
The Monkeys & Accenture Song Growth Markets Chief Creative Officer: Tara Ford
Creative Director: Scott Dettrick
Creative Team: Jake Ausburn & Alex Polglase
Head of Production: Penny Brown
Senior Producer: Elliot Liebermann
Production Coordinator: Emily Coleman
Business Strategy Director: Kit Lansdell
Head of Business Management: Topher Jones
Senior Business Manager: Celine Dinant
Business Executive: Matt Stafford
Production Company: Rabbit
Directors: Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien & Trent O’Donnell
MD/Partner/Executive Producer: Alex Hay
Partner/Executive Producer: Lucas Jenner
Producer: Morgan Hind
DOP: Emma Paine
Production Design: Virginia Mesiti
Casting: Citizen Jane Casting
Post-Production: The Editors
Edit House: The Editors
Editors: Grace O'Connell & Stu Morley
Executive Producer: Rita Gagliardi
Lead Flame Artist: Stu Cadzow
VFX Supervisor: Andreas Wanda
Colourist: Greg 'Elvis' Constanaras
Music & Sound: MassiveMusic
Composer: Haydn Walker
Sound Designer: Simon Kane
Producer: Katrina Aquilia
Media Agency – UM
Client Partner: Lauren Thornborough
Senior Creative Connections Planner: Cayley McArthur
Senior Planning Manager: Bernadette Banasik
Senior Partnerships Trader: Joshua Coles
Trader: Jess Curran
PR and Social Agency – One Green Bean
Head of Creative Innovation: Hannah Stalder
Head of Content: Laura Byrne
Account Director, PR: Molly Dodwell
Account Director, Social: Amy McCann
Senior Content Creative: Jack Williams
Content Creative: Gabi Kearney
Senior Account Executive: Bridget Patterson

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