Australian Ethical's 'When you prosper, we all thrive' via Paper Moose

21 February 2024

Creative Agency: Paper Moose
Media Agency: Benedictus Media

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The positive influence that ethical investing has on the health of people, planet and animals.

Australian Ethical's latest integrated campaign, created by B Corp agency Paper Moose, showcases the positive influence that ethical investing can have on the health of people, planet and animals.

Australian Ethical is an ethical investment company, and has been spearheading the ethical investment movement in Australia since 1986. 

With strong growth and now with more than $9 billion in funds under management, there’s a growing number of Australians who want their investments to support decarbonisation, emissions reductions and social good — as well as deliver long-term returns.

Brad Bennett, head of client success at Paper Moose, says investing with Australian Ethical allows people to harness the power of money.

"To deliver both returns and positive change for people, planet and animals which is pretty rad," he says.

Showcasing awe-inspiring footage sourced from a variety of nature photographers, the campaign champions the rich beauty and life on our planet, positioning ethical investments as one way to help it to thrive.

Maria Loyez, chief customer officer at Australian Ethical, says the company loves the natural beauty and the sense of a community movement in this vibrant campaign.

"We want all Australians to know that ethical investing has the power to grow your money and influence change, and the more people that switch to ethical options, the bigger difference they could potentially make," she says.

Guided by its Ethical Charter, using proprietary research carried out by its ethics team, Australian Ethical invests in sustainable assets and companies that it believes will generate long-term growth.

It steers away from companies that have a detrimental impact on people, planet and animals – in the belief that shifting this capital can influence them to change course, and they also work to influence positive change at a corporate level.

See the campaign now on BVOD, OOH, digital and social.


Client: Australian Ethical

Chief Customer Officer: Maria Loyez

Acting Head of Brand: Sybil Williams


Agency/ Production: Paper Moose

Executive Creative Director: Nick Hunter

Head of Client Success: Brad Bennett

Creative Director: Jeremy Willmott

Senior Creative: Pete Saladino

Creative: Jazz Twemlow

Design Director: Georgia Shillington

Designers: Tchaan Wilson-Townsend, Evelyn Tran

Strategist: Catherine D’Souza

Senior Account Director: Brigitte Harbrow

Senior Integrated Producer: Jon Buchan

Animators: Tom Spiers, Denys Nichele

Editor: Oliver Trauth-Goik

Retoucher: Alex Reznick

Colourist: Justin Tran

Composer, Sound Design & Mix: Caleb Jacobs


Media: Benedictus Media

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