Auckland Transport teams up with Hollywood stunt star

30 January 2019

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Auckland-born stunt woman urges people to stay focused while driving.

Auckland Transport has tapped Hollywood stuntwoman Zoë Bell to tell drivers to put down their phones and remind them 'no one is invincible'.

'The most dangerous stunt in the world' is created by Ogilvy NZ and seeks to drive down the road toll death. In Auckland alone distracted drivers accounted for 26 deaths and 277 serious injuries between 2013 and 2018.

Bell, who is from Auckland, appears to be driving while taking a selfie video and talking to viewers.

She applies lipstick, drinks coffee and looks in the mirror while explaining the craziest stunts she's done.

However, she then reveals the one stunt she won't do, drive distracted. The camera then zooms out and reveals she is being towed by a truck.

Auckland Transport community transport manager Claire Dixon said the campaign needed to be credible.

“It only takes a second of diverted attention to increase the likelihood of a crash, but the number of people driving distracted is getting worse, not better,” Dixon said.

“We partnered with Zoë Bell to show that if a gutsy Hollywood stunt woman wouldn’t drive distracted, then neither should anyone else.”

The clip has attracted 17, 000 views within hours of being posted to Bell's Instagram.

Client: Auckland Transport
Community Transport Manager: Claire Dixon
Marketing Services Manager: Mark Sharman
Marketing Campaign Advisor: Kelly Hansen
Community Transport Team Leader: Kim Modlin
Agency: Ogilvy, New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Regan Grafton
Executive Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan McMahon
Creative Director: Rupert Hancock
Senior Creative: Cece Chu
Design Director: Danny Carlsen
Head of Design: Nathan Chambers
Designer: James O’Connor
Designer: Erin Joyce
Head of Operations: Siobhan Burke
Agency Film Producer: Matt McPhail
Business Director: Chris Hotchin
Strategy Director: Ben Fielding
Marketing Director/PR: Huia Ngapo
Digital Director: Helen Breckon
Production Company: Film 360
Director/DOP: Darryl Ward
On-screen Talent: Zoë Bell

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