Archie Rose's 'Question Everything' via The Works

27 November 2023

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney

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To transform the perception and desire for Australian spirits.

The Works has launched Question Everything, a new brand platform and campaign for its newest client, Archie Rose.

As a nine-year-old independently owned and operated Australian multi-spirit distillery, Archie Rose has garnered a devoted following among existing customers, with a reputation primarily built on white spirits – particularly gin.

However in line with whisky now available at volume due to the Botany Distillery, Archie Rose had a vision of taking the highest quality Australian spirits across multiple categories to the world.

Archie Rose approached The Works with a twofold vision – to educate Australians about its extensive range of spirits and to transform the perception and desire for Australian spirits.

Traditionally, excellence in the world of spirits has been synonymous with adhering to established norms. Archie Rose aims to challenge this status quo. Enter ‘Question Everything’.

The brand platform reflects Archie Rose’s relentless curiosity, paired with utmost respect for the traditions surrounding the craft of spirits, which has enabled them to bring heightened experiences to the world.

The 'Question Everything' campaign invites consumers to rethink their choices, encouraging a departure from conventional norms and fostering a new appreciation for Australian spirits and the innovative and exceptional whisky, gin, vodka, and rum offerings of Archie Rose. 

Executive creative director at The Works, Iggy Rodriguez, said 'Question Everything' is more than a campaign - it’s a business philosophy baked into every step of the process.

"From the spirits to the bar, live experiences, new product launches and communications, it’s by questioning everything in the world of the traditional spirits that have led Archie Rose to be the pioneer brand they are today," said Rodriguez.

Nikki McColl, client lead at SPEED, said the agency continues to be inspired by the vision of the team at Archie Rose.

"It’s been a joy working with The Works to bring that vision to life in such a compelling way through out-of-home and BVOD," said McColl.

Victoria Tulloch, head of marketing at Archie Rose, said the campaign is a great embodiment of the Archie Rose brand values of unconstrained creativity, fanatical excellence and innovation.

"It's been a pleasure working with The Works to develop the platform and to share its first iteration via our new out-of-home and video campaign," she said.

The 'Question Everything' platform invites Australians to explore the world of Archie Rose and discover the exceptional spirits that challenge traditions and redefine excellence.



Client: Archie Rose Distilling Co.

Creative & Production: The Works, part of Capgemini

Media: SPEED

Grip & AC: Colorsock

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