Animals Australia takes aim at puppy factories

30 March 2015

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Animals Australia asks "how well do you know your best friend" in a new campaign aimed at targeting puppy factories.

The campaign, by creative agency Loud, is hinged on research that 9 out of 10 people research their new puppy online and that 90% of those are actually sourced from a "puppy factory."

In an effort to build awareness, the campaign will show real footage of the conditions in puppy factors, urging consumers to understand what their beloved pet may have endured.

Viewers are urged to help end this cycle of suffering by adopting dogs rather than purchasing them blindly either online or from pet shops.

Loud CEO Lorraine Jokovic said: "People are passionate about their dogs and this campaign turns peoples love for dogs into a reason to make life better for all of them in the long run, because truly caring about your dog means caring (and investigating) where they are from.”

$1 million was crowd-funded by AA members for the campaign, which includes prime time television commericals, digital and OOH.

Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White said: “This is a unique look at an astonishingly overlooked issue from the perspective of those who can actually make a difference.  Most importantly, greater awareness will help end this commercial cycle of cruelty and hopefully lead to more dogs being adopted.”

Creative credits:

LOUD team:
Executive Creative Director: Steven Thomson
Creative Director: Paul Bennell
Writers: Steven Thomson/Christian Kernot
Art Directors: Paul Bennell/Kiah Barker
Agency Producer: Steve Dubé
Account Director: Sam McDonnell
Account Manager: Kristy Leslie
Account Executive: Laura Tenison


Production company: Finch
Director:        Gregor Jordan
Executive Producer:               Roy de Giorgio
Line producer:   Emma Thompson
Editor:          Adam Wills
Post production:   Heckler
Sound:        Nylon
Music:       Dustin O’Halloran 
Agency prod: ian ford


Prod company: Pool Collective
Photographer: Simon Harsent
EP:               Cameron Day
Line producer:   Petrea Lambert


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