Ampol's 'What Engines Want’ via Saatchi & Saatchi

15 August 2022

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Media Agency: iProspect

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"Car owners are rarely topping up or even checking their engine oil levels."

Ampol has recently entered a lubricants marketing alliance with ExxonMobil to bring its motor oil Mobil Super to Australia.

To launch Mobil Super, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia tells the story of a regular bloke with a special gift. 

The ‘What Engines Want’ campaign explores how engines just want to be treated better and that they’re too often neglected and deprived of what makes them run smoothly – the right lubricant.

Piero Ruzzene, creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi: “Motor oil is a purchase usually borne out of necessity rather than regularity, with many car owners rarely topping up or even checking their engine oil levels. That is, until their oil light comes on.

Ampol's Sean Phillips, head of sales and marketing ubricants at Mobil Super, said: “We are thrilled to bring this campaign to life. Mobil Super is a brand that protects what you love, your engine, your car, and ensures a smooth journey for those inside the vehicle.

Through our lubricant’s marketing alliance with ExxonMobil, we are using our scale, Australian expertise, manufacturing capability and strong customer relationships to bring Mobil Super to Australian consumers and support our commitment to evolving our lubricants offer to meet the ever-changing needs of our valued customers.

The suite of Mobil Super lubricants gives drivers a varied range of oils tailored for modern engines and a range of driving conditions and needs. Whichever range you choose, every Mobil Super oil provides high performance and protection backed by a long history of innovation in lubricant technology.”

The campaign will be running across online video channels, radio and Spotify audio, and digital display from August 2022.

Client: Ampol Australia

General Manager B2B Sales: Brad Phillips
Head of Sales & Marketing: Sean Phillips
Lubricants Product Marketing Manager: Bernadette Sykes
Lubricants Marketing Advisor: Shaun Ramadan
Marketing & Product Manager, Automotive Lubricants: John Child
Lubricants Communications Coordinator: Neha Bahri

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

Head of Creativity: Simon Bagnasco

Strategy Partner Sydney: Iona Macgregor
Creative Director: Piero Ruzzene

Senior Art Director: Simon O’Neill
Senior Copywriter: Anton Posa
Group Account Director: James Tracy-Inglis

Account Director: Izabela Gustowski

Executive Producer – Head of TV/Content: Michael Demosthenous

Senior Integrated Producer: Holly De Roy

Digital Director: Danny Marston

Production Company: MOFA
Director: Bill Bleakley
Executive Producer: Llew Griffiths
DOP: Simon Walsh
Editor: Stewart Arnott
Grade and Online: Arc Edit

Sound & Music: Rumble Studios  
EP: Michael Gie 
Composer: Jeremy Richmond 
Sound Designer: Liam Annert 

Media: iProspect


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