Affinity uses data to drive ADMA Global Forum attendance

18 August 2016

Creative Agency: AFFINITY

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Affinity and Ooh!Media used hyper-targeting and personalised outdoor advertising to target the country's leading marketing executives.

The campaign is an Australian outdoor advertising first and saw Affinity overlay data from ADMA, Ooh!Media and the top 100 biggest advertising spenders to identify prospective delegates for its Global Forum conference.

It’s the first time digital OOH has been placed programmatically on a network wide basis.

4800 people in 500 companies were identified as potential attendees. Affinity than used company addresses overlaid with Ooh! dynamic network across retail, office and cafe environments. 238 screens were identified as being within 50 meters of a target’s office buildings in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

Affinity CEO Luke Brown says: "It’s not very often you get to redefine what’s possible with a particular media. Being able to take one of the oldest one-to-many mediums and personalise it to speak with relevance to people in a particular location makes digital outdoor an even more exciting prospect for advertisers."

The creative showed each viewer a localised map and where tickets had already been purchased. The creative included the line: ‘Your competitors are buying tickets right now’. It also included a clock counting down to the two-day conference.  

Ooh!Media chief marketing officer Michaela Chan says: "Outdoor is experiencing its own renaissance by working closely partners like Affinity who share our passion for data, technology and innovative ideas we can really begin to demonstrate how powerful Out Of Home can be. Never before has so much data been applied to make outdoor a hyper-targeted and personalised channel to drive response.” 


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