Adult Swim alumni Henry Stone directs comedy ad series for Square

15 February 2023

Creative Agency: Entropico
Media Agency: Alchemy One

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“Square took a bold leap in tone of voice and it paid off – proving that at the end of the day, brave clients make brave work.”

Adult Swim alumni Henry Stone directs a comedy series for technology business Square via creative production house Entropico.

The comedy series campaign shines a light on the brutally funny truths of being a business owner, starring comedian Danielle Walker (now gracing our screens on Channel Ten’s Taskmaster).

The new Mogul-to-Mogul series, adapted from Square’s - Everything your business needs. Almost. - global platform, sees Walker sharing her unique business ideas with a selection of real businesses using Square’s technology to run their operations for everything from payments to ordering to team management.

And while Square caters to pretty much every aspect of running a business, Walker’s ideas highlight all the ridiculous, relatable difficulties that entrepreneurs face that Square can’t help with.

For Sean Conroy, global creative director at Square, this felt like a brave way to connect with Aussie business owners in an unexpected way.

Conroy: “Why can’t we be honest about all that Square can do, and be really, brutally honest about everything it can’t? Because the best comedy always comes from brutal honesty.”

It was also important for the campaign to bring some Aussie levity to the current state of running a business.

Annalise Booker, head of integrated marketing at Square Australia, said: “We understand how hard and stressful it can be for business owners right now.

“We wanted this campaign to deliver a bit of light relief, but also to show how sellers are turning to Square to take some of that pressure off, to automate parts of their operations, and to create new revenue streams.”

To bring the campaign to life in a typically dry Aussie way, Square and Entropico turned to Henry Stone, a comedy director fresh off the back of directing Aaron Chen in ‘A Life In Questions’ for Adult Swim.

Henry Stone: “Square wanted to get warm and goofy when examining the anxieties of modern business operations and so I let them know that goofin’ season was upon us.

“They very bravely let us go out into the field with the real sellers who also very bravely opened themselves up to the goof and spoof-hunting process, which is one I collaborated on intricately with Danielle to create.

"I think we landed ourselves some trophy laughs for sure. Goof on, live long.”

The result? Unexpected and rewatchable, the series uniquely positions Square within its category, making strong use of genre to explore the humanity of the sellers while also passing the Millennial BS test.

Alchemy One - Square’s Australian media agency – launched the campaign through strategic media placement, kicking off with the Australian Open in both linear TV and BVOD, and amplified across outdoor, social and audio, the campaign highlighting key locations and contextual moments throughout the year.

Harry Hunter, Entropico executive producer, said: “To bring Square’s bold vision to life, Entropico had to burn the rulebook.

“We tackled all the things you shouldn’t do in production – an unscripted comedian interacting with real people, and a horde of dogs.

"In practice, the team were able to set the project up for wins by drawing from the best techniques from a variety of media, including live comedy and on-the-street interviews.”

“Square saw an opportunity to rethink how they showcase their business solutions to make authentic connections with their market.

“Square took a bold leap in tone of voice and it paid off – proving that at the end of the day, brave clients make brave work.”




Global Creative Director: Sean Conroy

Head of Integrated Marketing (AU): Annalise Booker

Integrated Marketing Manager (AU): Jessica Parker

Associate Creative Director: Kae Yen Wong

Creative Program Manager: Justine Yee

Senior Motion Designer: Steven Dupré

Art Director: Fin Wang

Copywriter: Edgar Acosta

Designer: Mindy Yuan

Producer (AU): Libby Spark

Marketing Coordinator (AU): Remy Hayes-Webb

Social Media Manager (AU): Jay Ooi



Director: Henry Stone

EP / Product Director: Harry Hunter

EP / Producer: Tim Burnett

Account Director: Kate Goddard

Writing Room: Henry Stone, Danielle Walker, Camille Bui Viet, Lauren Bonner, Sean Conroy, Kae Yen Wong

DOP: Tom Black

1AD: Emma Jamvold

Production Manager: Tim Russell

Production Coordinator: Jack Chapman

Directors Assist: Raghav Rampal

Unit Manager: Takehiro Abe

PA: Georgie Bannister

B Camera Operator: Emma Elias

1AC: Gary (Gaz) Morris

2AC: Danielle Payne

3AC: Emily Williams

DIT & Data Wrangler: Sebastion Reategui

Gaffer: Matt Willis

Best Boy: Craig Knight

2nd Lighting assist: Nic Daminiakis

H&MU: Cherry Cheung

H&MU Assist: Lola Yatt

Sound Recordist: Stu Melvey

Sound Recordist Assistant: Adam Roberts

Sound Recordist Assistant #2: Simon Ouyen

Production Designer & Stylist: Maddie Kerry

Art Dep / Wardrobe Assistant: Madeleine Mytowski

Art Dep / Wardrobe Assistant: Sofia Musurra

Art Dep / Wardrobe Assistant: Josh Mullane

Art Dep / Wardrobe Assistant: Margarita Gershkovich

Photographer: Josh Robenstone

Photography Assistant: Alex Cooke

Photography Assistant: Jordan Warne

Post Producer: Annabel Mills

Editors: Andrea Chen, Sarah Panzetta, Hayley Dinnison

Score Composition / Sound Post: Rowan Dix

Designer: Tessa Westerhof

Design and Motion Graphics: Oliver Eather

Colourist: Marcus Friedlander



Group Business Director: Huong Nguyen

Group Digital Director: Aline Eloy

Strategy Director: Nicola Watkins

Business Director: Sarah Kent

Digital Director: Jeremy Chaker

Business Manager: Yasmin Sherif



Danielle Walker



Matthew Swieboda

Nathanial Hatwell

Scott McComas-William

Nadia Verduci

Felix Auzou

Brandon Jones

Alexis Agathocleous



Rachel Holmes

Adrianna Koh

Haziq Bin Ahmad Suhaimi

Mauricio Bohorquez Alvarez

Georgie Dover



Jing Li

Alan Huynh

Edwin Britts

Alex Nazarewicz

Rohan Douglas



Bernie Arenelli

Mila Lawson

Ravenna Maurici

Charlotte Smith

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