4 Pines unveils 'You Drink The Beer, We’ll Do the Good Stuff' via 72andSunny

15 February 2024

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Shining a light on its sustainability initiative, giving 1% of its revenue to the planet.

A new brand platform 'You Drink The Beer, We’ll Do The Good Stuff' has launched for CUB-owned craft brand 4 Pines, via 72andSunny.

The platform shines a light on the sustainability initiatives of 4 Pines, which is B Corp-certified, from giving 1% of its revenue to the planet to its support of environmental organisations such as Landcare Australia.

The centrepiece is a new ad that has fun with the idea that, while most people care deeply about the plight of the planet, there is sometimes a reluctance to go above and beyond to make a difference.

The ad will run across streaming, social and digital platforms.

4 Pines marketing manager, Annaleise Alpert, says 72andSunny has been close to the brand's purpose journey for some time.

"As a brand we’re optimistic about the world but on a continuous journey to use business as a force for good. This platform strikes a balance between promoting our sustainability credentials and keeping the tone light, and 72andSunny nailed it," she says.

Creative lead at 72andSunny, Andy Flemming, says like many others, he drags out the yellow bin knowing that he could probably do a bit more to save the planet,.

"So thank god there’s a beer like 4 Pines that is doing its bit and then some. This was an opportunity to stand out with simplicity, design and a sense of the genuine as opposed to the corporate," he says.

'You Drink The Beer, We’ll Do the Good Stuff' is now live across 4 Pine’s packaging, in bar media, streaming, social, digital and OOH.

Consumers can read more about the campaign by downloading the Good Stuff report at 4pinesbeer.com.au/good-stuff 

The campaign follows previous work in the sustainability space by 72andSunny for Who Gives A Crap.



Client: 4 Pines Brewing Co

Creative: 72andSunny

Media: Frontier Media

Production: The Production Group

Audio: Otis

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