Lynx Twist

16 April 2010

Advertiser: Unilever
Media Agency: UM (NSW)

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Production: Generator United

Lynx is always endevouring to help guys put their best foot forward with the opposite sex. Girls get bored easily so Lynx has launched LYNX TWIST, an innovative new fragrance that changes over time to keep her interested.

The campaign includes the "Robot" TVC and "Goatee" print ad featuring a postcard that lifts off the face of the model to reveal two "scratch and sniff" panels to demonstrate how Lynx Twist is the fragrance that changes.

The launch campaign challenges guys to "twist themselves" to keep interesting and is reinforced with online "Keeping Keely" activation and our "Date with a Twist" event - where hundreds of guys will have the opportunity to "Twist" to keep a covergirl interested in them - this will be an attempt to break the World record for the world's largest live speed date.

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