Biggest Most Awesome Waste of Time

10 March 2010

Advertiser: BPAY
Creative Agency: BMF

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How do you get 18 – 25 year olds excited or engaged with a brand that is all about paying bills online? Given this audience don’t have many bills, BPAY want to get on the radar of this audience now so that when they have multiple bills to pay BPAY is the obvious payment method of choice.

To engage this audience, BPAY tapped into the insight that all students love to procrastinate and essentially waste time. Highlighting that when you have bills to pay, you can pay them quickly and easily online with BPAY, therefore saving you time to do whatever you want.

The challenge was to make this audience aware of the time saving benefits of making payments online with BPAY.

So BPAY is encouraging this audience to be ‘awesome’ in their time wasting with a competition held on the website

A number of web-based films have been and will be released to drive people to the website.

The competition asks bill payers to submit their idea of what ‘The World’s Biggest Most Awesome Waste of Time’ would be. These will then be voted on, and the winning submission will then be created.

The competition will also be supported with: Avant Cards, Bill Posters and eDMs.

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