All the best things in one place

5 May 2010

Advertiser: Mazda

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Production: Fin Design

Directors: Christopher Allende (Fin Design), Mike O’Hare (CHE)

Music: Elliot Wheeler (Turning Studio)

Sound: Craig Conway (Final Sound)

Mazda is targeting GenY women in a new ad campaign for the Mazda2 created by Clemenger Harvie Edge Melbourne (CHE).

The campaign centres around "Elena's" pinboard - a collage of her life in photographs - and features the tag line "All the best things in one place".

The campaign is launching on Sunday (9 May) on television, outdoor, print and online.

CHE used CGI for the TVC, creating a scenerio whereby the Mazda2 is shown as a part of all the things that make up "Elena's" life - her career, her travels and her time spent with family and friends. 

Click here for older TVC execution.

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