What do Rudd and Abbott's kitchens look like? Ikea knows

By AdNews | 27 August 2013

Less than two weeks out from election day, Swedish furniture giant Ikea has thrown its hat in the ring with two kitchens modelled after Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. It ran two tongue-in-cheek tactical print ads and launched a dedicated website.

The kitchen designs have taken inspiration from the leaders-in-contention’s personalities and style.

The Ruddik kitchen design includes details such as the ‘Foto Framia’ adorned with a Kevin 07 jersey which is “ideal for the man who is his own biggest fan”, the ‘Recylia’ bin for “Gyllard remnants” and the ‘Cupboarden’ for making “difficult cabinet reshuffles a thing of the past”.

A key feature of the Abbutt kitchen is the ‘Foto Shrinen’, a wall frame to pay tribute to those you idolise, in this case, John Howard. Other features were the ‘Woopsie Moppa’, a mop to quickly clean up mess from “any accidental leaking of right-wing viewpoints”, a ‘Sinke’ to practice “turning back the boats” and the ‘Hidden Cupboardia” to keep “policy details out of public view”.

While the names of the contents of the Abbutt and Ruddik kitchens aren't real, what makes them is. The designs are based off real products in the Ikea range, you just have to find the equivalent. We're thinking the 'Foto Shrinen' might be this Saxnas frame. But sadly (or happily), it doesn't include a picture of John Howard, you have to bring that yourself.

The ads were created in-house by the Ikea team.

Ikea spokesperson Angela McCann said: “At Ikea, our mission is to create a better everyday life at home. And with two distinctive and very different personalities potentially moving into The Lodge for the long term, we thought they could do with a helping hand and inspiration to make sure their kitchen is perfectly suited to them.

“Both kitchen designs have everything on hand that each would-be PM could need and with our affordable prices, we know the taxpayer will be kept happy.”

Check out the website.

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