Bumble serves catfish in New York to poke fun at online dating

12 September 2017

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Bumble creates a buzz around its latest feature with a free catfish truck in New York.

Online dating service Bumble handed out free fish in New York in a marketing stunt that aims to raise awareness of its anti-catfishing feature.

For anyone that isn’t up to date on the online dating game, catfishing is when people create fake profiles on apps like Bumble and Tinder, usually swapping out their photo for someone more attractive.

As a way to poke fun at the absurdities of online dating, dating app Bumble, parked a branded food truck called “The Great Catch” at three busy intersections in New York last week, offering free catfish dishes that were created by Top Chef US talent Sam Talbot.

The fun stunt promoted the app’s photo verification tool that uses facial recognition to eliminate catfishing. Users could submit a selfie of themselves and then the technology determines if the photo matches the profile photo.

Bumble’s food truck served catfish tacos, sliders, squash salads and Arnold Palmers but in order to eat, passerbys were asked to download the Bumble app.

Bumble's bold marketing strategy has seen it roll out billboards across the US earlier this year aimed at empowering women.

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