Audi's new film looks like a Disney takeover of Octane Island

9 January 2018

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This mash up of Disney classics with Supercheap Auto's Octane Island grunt aims to challenge gender stereotypes.

At face value, Audi Spain's 'Ever After' makes very little sense.

This animated film features girl driving around in this reporter's mid-life crisis dream car (aka an Audi R8), and is a mash up of two Disney films - Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast – and that epic Supercheap Auto film Octane Island (check our top 10 ads for 2017).

Quite what any of these elements has to do with selling cars or the brand is not immediately clear.

But scratch beneath the fairytale veneer (which admittedly involved reading a press release), it becomes clear the ad attempts to challenge gender stereotypes and is inspired by the real life story of Audi racing driver Michèle Mouton, the first woman ever to win a race in the World Rally Championship in 1981.

The film follows on from Audi's The Doll That Chose To Drive, a Toy Story-style animation that also challenges gender stereotypes and was watched millions of times.

Proximity Barcelona conceived the idea, which combines 3D animation and real footage, while production was carried out by post23 and Sr. Alce Films.

“Combating stereotypes required a commitment to more than a single campaign,” Proximity chief creative officer Eva Santos says. "That’s why we have continued to work on this cause, championed by Audi. This time, we have created a far more ambitious piece in terms of production, combining imagination, real footage and a film soundtrack."

The soundtrack, composed by Jesús Díaz, is performed by musicians from the Budapest Symphony Orchestra Association.

Below is the shortened version of Ever After and following that is The Doll That Chose To Drive.

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