WorkApp launches true blue Aussie ad campaign

4 August 2020

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CEO and founder Shane Wallace voices the character AppMan.

WorkApp CEO and founder Shane Wallace is highlighting his True Blue roots, down to earth honest attitude to business and even his trademark twang in the latest TV advertising campaign.

WorkApp is an Australian version of Gumtree which offers all it’s services unlimited and for free.

The Gold Coast based business owner utilises his own voice for AppMan - a digital, Akubra-hat wearing caricature who dons a billboard on his tummy, representing any Australian business which wants to sell something, hire staff or just get amongst their locals by using WorkApp.

“WorkApp takes buying, selling, connecting and communicating to a level playing field by removing the power to influence a ‘search’ from leading corporations and giving it to the people, at no cost,” Wallace says.

“It acknowledges that the best worker for your job could be just around the corner.

“There’s no expensive middle man. We connect people directly and then leave them to get on with business.”

Wallace originally created the app to make life easier for tradies looking to hire casual workers in their vicinity. 

It has now taken off since the COVID lockdown as thousands of Australians download it every week, hoping to use the free platform to find a job, or connect with buyers and sellers nearby.

“We set out to solve a simple problem – making it easier for people to find a local worker without having to pay for that privilege.”

Their first TV promo, which aired on Channel 9 for the first time is 30 seconds long and it outlines what WorkApp is all about and how businesses can utilise the free service.

The second one is short, sharp and only 15 seconds has AppMan at an Aussie BBQ talking to a lady who is looking for staff.

The third in the catchy series, just released commercial, has AppMan with his now trademark billboard at an auction talking about how you can sell your property and promote your auction for free.

The final ad in the series, due out later this month, focuses on automotive for auto-dealers and private sellers.

Wallace says the combination of the advertising campaign and tough times, due to the coronavirus crisis, has sent the app viral with downloads quickly mounting.

“In the past few weeks alone there’s been over 7,000 new users joining the 150,000 people who have already downloaded the app,” he says.

“Month on month we’re seeing the numbers double.

“The digital landscape continues to change the way we do almost everything, and it’s these platforms people turn to in turbulent times.”

The idea for the platform came about when his brother in construction had a labourer call in sick at the last minute and a concrete truck turned up onsite ready to pour, and no one to help labour.

“We needed to find a way to locate someone quickly.”

“After a frantic search in the local street, he not only found someone to do the job, but the idea for this concept was born.”

Wallace says he plans on keeping the platform free for all users instead of charging as the platform grows.

“The most popular users on the site are job seekers, those buying and selling real estate or cars as well as businesses promoting their products and services," he says.

“Revenue is raised via billboard advertising throughout the app, much like social media platforms.

“It can be used by someone who is looking for work, or an employer looking for a worker or a business promoting their business. It is one of the most unique value propositions because it gives you the nearest active result to the device.”

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