Tourism Tasmania uses local stories to go behind the scenery

24 August 2015

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Continuing its 'Go Behind the Scenery" positioning, Tourism Tasmania is showcasing stories that are uniquely Tasmanian.

The 'Stories Told From the Inside Out' campaign, by creative agency JimJam, features tales personally told by the people themselves, so that everyone can experience Tasmania through the lens of a local.

Each of the 90 second films are played out on rotation on a dediated microsite along with the content being distributed and seeded by the largest digital outreach ever made by Tourism Tasmania.

Tourism Tasmania executive director of marketing Guy Taylor said the campaign comes from research which found that engagement with locals was a significant part of a visitor's overall Tasmanian holiday experience.

“This was also evident in the increasing level of engagement people were having with video clips on our 'Go Behind the Scenery' website that involved local Tasmanians," Taylor said.

“So for this campaign we decided to put more effort into presenting Tasmania through the eyes of some passionate local identities who work to make our visitor experiences so distinctive and rewarding.”

JimJam managing partner John Speers said: "We know that people come back from Tasmania full of stories. People just love stories and we’ve captured eight of them as the backbone of this campaign.” 

"Audiences tire of poor content very quickly. The world has now moved from quantity to quality of content and JimJam continues to pioneer new ways to keep our audiences engaged.

"This means we have to raise the bar on each and every campaign and it’s great to see record levels of visitation and spend in Tasmania each year.” 

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