Pee for perks: Banjo's latest push for sexual health

20 November 2017

Creative Agency: Banjo Advertising

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Creative agency Banjo is asking music festival goers to pee in a cup in NSW Health campaign.

Creative agency Banjo is trading pee for perks at music festivals in a bid to raise awareness of sexually transmitted infections.

The campaign is the first from Banjo after winning the NSW Government Sexual Health Festival Activation Campaign.

Charged with convincing people to pee in a pot, Banjo developed the Down to Test experience using the temptation of a VIP Chill Out Zone offering charging docks, glitter bars and the most coveted of festival perks, clean toilets.

The Down to Test Zones are offering music fans the chance to test themselves for a common sexually transmitted infection in exchange for entry to the zone and help them learn more about the importance of safe sex.

The campaign, which will run for a total of three years, also breaks down the barriers to talking about the dangers of sexually transmitted infections.

Sarah King from Banjo said the brief was to get on the same level as the hard to capture audience to discuss a critical issue endangering their health and the health of their sexual partners.

“There is a percentage of young people who have a lot of sexual experience and take a lot of risks when it comes to their sexual health,” King said.

The Down to Test Zone had its first outing at the Listen Out Sydney Festival and saw the VIP installation besieged by fans keen to make the most of the free facilities and get tested. With a target of testing 150 festival goers, 530 signed up and peed in a cup to be tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Now the campaign is in full swing, the agency is poised to begin work on another campaign for Road Enforcement tackling drink driving and seat belts.

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