OTEN pushes disruption to routine

15 January 2016

Creative Agency: VCCP

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Need to shake things up a little? Open Training and Education Network encourages you to make time to learn.

The campaign - Disturb Your Universe - was developed by TAFE Western Sydney (under which OTEN sits), VCCP and animators Passion Pictures. The campaign targets males and females in the 25-30 years age bracket and responds to the hesitation people considering further education may have.

TAFE Western Sydney director strategic marketing and communications Craig McCallum says: "The increasing trend in people choosing to study online and following the introduction of the NSW Government’s Smart & Skilled reform, the VET sector has become increasingly competitive.

“Increased competition, and the projected ongoing growth in the demand for online education, created the impetus for TAFE Western Sydney to undertake a strategic campaign for its specialist distance online learning centre, OTEN.”

McCallum says animation was chosen instead of actors so that prospective students could place themselves into the situation demonstrated in the ads.

VCCP MD Peter Grenfell says: “This campaign is about challenging people to think differently about what they can achieve. Many of us want to go back to study or make a change in our lives, but sometimes it can feel like it’s too much to contemplate alongside the pressures of daily life. Disturb Your Universe aims to change that illusion and unlock our potential through studying with OTEN."

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