Nike transforms Kevin Hart from actor to athlete

4 January 2017

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Nike has turned Kevin Hart into an athlete in its latest ad series promoting the Apple Nike smartwatch.

Taking on a faux documentary style, Kevin Hart is revealing the latest collaborative smartwatch from Nike and Apple.

In the spot, Hart is aimlessly running over 700 miles through the backwoods of America. The comedian is no longer living his cushy celebrity lifestyle, rather living off the land and interacting with local wildlife.

"I've been living out here for months, but my spirit has been out here forever," Hart says.

"See, running used to be hard for me, but then things changed when I woke up and started to hear this little voice in my head. It was same question every day, 'Are we running today.' Every day. So you know what I started to do? I started to answer that question."

Hart is referring to a feature unique to Apple Watch Nike+ that motivates wearers to run every day.

Subsequent clips show off additional Apple Watch Nike+ functions, also available on other Apple Watch Series 2 devices through the Nike+ Run Club app, like GPS run tracking, in-app communication and features that facilitate friendly competition with other runners.

Apple announced Apple Watch Nike+ alongside Apple Watch Series 2 in September, and launched the device in late October.

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