Heineken 3 launches biggest local marketing campaign

22 September 2017

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Heineken 3 is the "beer that has it all".

Heineken has revealed its biggest local marketing campaign for Heineken 3 since the brand entered the Australian market in 2016.

The mid-strength, low calorie beer was launched to appeal to the increasingly health-concious Australian market as well as female consumers.

In the 30-second ad Johnny Good auditions to be the face of the new brand, taking off his shirt, but the director doesn't look impressed. A second ad shows Chase Lovage with some incredibly white teeth.

The campaign will leverage TV, radio, outdoor, PR, social media as well as experiential activations and influencers. The campaign was developed and produced by Irish independent creative agency Rothco and was produced for an international rollout.

Its focus is to continue driving trial and educating consumers on the ideal occasions to enjoy Heineken 3 while also showcasing the product’s key attributes of low calories and low carb.

In addition to current mid-strength beer drinkers, Heineken is aiming to bring new consumers into the beer category through.

Heineken marketing manager Nada Steel says: “Heineken 3 has reached its highest penetration ever and captured a 31% which has exceeded our expectations. We have also seen our awareness level hit more than 21%, which is great for a product that has only been in the Australian market for 12 months.

“We recognised trends around health-conscious consumers and offering a choice that complements their lifestyle. We want to reach new drinkers to demonstrate how consumers can enjoy Heineken® 3 in the right way, at the right time including those spontaneous moments. Communicating these occasions is a key part of our marketing strategy and we have some ambitious plans to drive trial.” 

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