Free Your Think from Murdoch Uni and J. Walter Thompson

17 July 2017

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Think for yourself and open your mind at Murdoch University.

Murdoch University has unveiled its Free Your Think campaign from J. Walter Thompson Perth.

The campaign aims to cut through the clutter of university marketing as it celebrates peoples' different ways of thinking that can be nurtured at Murdoch University.

Overall, the campaign embraces Murdoch University’s core belief system of challenging convention and promoting innovation.

J. Walter Thompson CD Paul Coghlan says: “In this highly competitive sector, we knew Murdoch has a potent differentiator; Sir Walter Murdoch’s founding philosophy ‘think for yourself’.

“Free Your Think is a contemporary platform born directly out of this unique DNA, and marks a focussed direction for the brand, from student recruitment communications, to research and beyond. Hats off to a great client who has embraced this idea from the very top down,” he adds.

The campaign showcases the unique stories of different students and staff who make up the University, each of whom have had their own “Think” brought to life, demonstrated in their achievements.

Murdoch University director of marketing and communications Neil Cullingford said it brings to life the philosophy and people who make Murdoch unlike other universities.

“The campaign directly ties back to our founding principles and allows us to showcase the breadth of talent the University helps to thrive,” Cullingford said.

Free Your Think will roll out across TV, radio, print, outdoor and online and has been launched in collaboration with Initiative Media and Equilibrium.

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