Can ice cream campaign stand the heat?

25 August 2014

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Connoisseur has launched its latest collection of ice cream based of historical characters from all over the world.

The empire collection features four flavours with each being an ode to a historical figure.

First there is Emperor Nero from Italy, which is coffee flavoured ice cream with the addition of chocolate coated hazelnuts and hazelnut liqueur, while in a homage to King Louis XIV, French vanilla ice cream gets the royal treatment with the addition of choc flakes and armagnac sauce.

Taking inspiration from the east and the extravagant Emperor Jing Zong, red bean has been paired with toasted coconut; and as a tribute to King Cyrus of Persia, pistachio ice cream has been swirled with a cinnamon, honey and date sauce.

These figure will be brought to life by Melbourne street artist Steve Cross, at the Blank Space gallery in Surry Hills, from Wednesday 17 September to Monday 22 September with The Empire Collection Pop-Up Gallery.

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