Aldi continues with “Like brands. Only cheaper” campaign

14 March 2016

Advertiser: Aldi
Creative Agency: BMF

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Aldi brings back "Like Brands, Only Cheaper".

As part of its "Like Brands. Only Cheaper" campaign, Aldi brings us a caveman roasting a mammoth and a chocaholic who loves to exercise.

The ads compare two brands of similar products, including tin foil and chocolate, with one brand being from Aldi and the other from a different supermarket.

In the quirky ad for Aldi chocolate, a girl running on a treadmill says: "I like this chocolate and I like this chocolate. But what I really like is running super fast." She then flys off the treadmill through a wall.

The campaign, by BMF, is part of Aldi's long running "Like Brands. Only Cheaper" campaign which was launched in 2014.

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