Affinity launches algorithm to predict kids' coughs for Prospan

21 September 2016

Creative Agency: Affinity

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Affinity has taken data to a new level to predict when kids are going to be coughing and serving their mum targeted advertising.

Data-driven agency Affinity has created a cough simulator to predict when a child is likely to come down with a cough as part of a hyper-targeted campaign for Prospan. 

Targeting mums of children who were about to come down with a cough, the Sydney agency developed a programmatic buying campaign for the natural cough syrup brand. The initiative has already delivered a click through rate increase of more than 76%.

Affinity used first party and search data, overlaying it with social, search strings, temperature, pollution and Medicare data to build a cough simulator. While there were thousands of factors that could contribute to a cough, Affinity whittled them down.


It found a cold snap is all it takes to catch a cough, but how cold that ‘snap’ needs to be differs depending on your location and the recent weather there.

Based on these findings, Affinity built a weather-polling app and set its programmatic buying to correlate with 18 different locations across the country where Prospan had strong product distribution. When the temperature fluctuation rules were met, the algorithm dictated when and where budgets should be minimised, or increased in real-time.

Affinity CEO Luke Brown says: “We’re realising the promise of data-driven marketing for brands, rather than just talking about it. The combination of creative, intuition and empiric information is formidable when applied to well defined business problems. And it doesn’t demand big budgets or expensive data solutions. It’s about being smarter and outcomes focused.”

Since the campaign launched, unit sales of Prospan’s Children’s cough range increased over an eight-week period by 27% compared to the same time last year.

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