Countdown of Awesome: Pokemon and pranking

27 February 2014

It's Countdown of Awesome time again from your good friends at UM, Tom DiSapia and Robert Bellamy.

This week we are playing Pokemon, donating to medical research while we sleep and pranking delivery companies.

If we have missed anything or you spot something for next week let us know on the Tweeter at @disapia and @robertbellamy.

5. Lego Braille printer

A 12-year-old makes a braille printer for a school science fair using an off-the-shelf Lego kit for $350.

4) VW Documentary

A great story and a cool piece of tech from VW and the 55 Beatle that drove three times around the world. Video content with integrated maps and journal entries give a real sense of the adventure.

3. Samsung Power Sleep App

Apparently our modern smartphones have more power than the computers that took man to the moon. Even though we use our phones all day Samsung knew we all have to sleep eventually and that all those phones sitting idle are a massive untapped resource. With the Power Sleep app the processing power of our phones is used for good to help crunch numbers for medical research.

2. Twitch Plays Pokemon

What happens when you let everyone play Pokemon at the same time? Literally 100,000 people clicking the buttons on the same game at the same time? It has been an insane social experiment and we can only lead you to the already extensive literature to explain.

1. DHL's Trojan Horse

Simple but super clever, DHL used Trojan Horse-style boxes that revealed themselves as DHL advertising as they were being delivered.

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