Countdown of Awesome: Connected models, popcorn and cockroaches

20 September 2012

This week’s countdown features DVF Google Glass, voice-activated popcorn projection and a remote controlled cockroach.

Number 5) Grey Poupon
Kicking off this week in 5th place we have a smart tactic from Grey Poupon with its creation of an exclusive Facebook page. Instead of just robotically clicking the Like button, fans have to prove they have good enough taste to be accepted into the fold.


Via @paulyden


Number 4) Remote controlled cockroach
Next up we have a somewhat bizarre, but very original use of technology to remote control a cockroach. By placing a tiny micro controller next to its antenna and cerci, scientists have worked out how to direct its movement in precise patterns. According to this connected roach could then be used for “surveillance or search and rescue missions”.

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Number 3) Customise the catwalk
Fashion brand Topshop, in conjunction with Facebook, has come up with a smart means of shifting clothes direct from the catwalk at Fashion Week in London. Fans can watch the catwalk parade live-streamed through Facebook and buy stuff directly off the runway. However, it's not just clothes, but music and cosmetics too.


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Number 2) DVF through Glass
In Number 2 we have another innovative fashion week initiative – this time from New York, where fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg teamed up with Google’s Project Glass crew to enable people to check out the whole experience from the models’ own view point. Jason Pelligrino, industry Director at Google explains how it’s a great example of how innovative technology has gone from being “the geeky guy at the back of the classroom, to the most fashionable person at the front of the runway”.

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Number 1) The Popinator
This week’s prestigious Number 1 slot is awarded to a ridiculously awesome innovation called Popinator. Upon shouting ‘pop’ at the machine, it’s able to pinpoint your location and shoot a piece popcorn up be snapped up, to an impressive distance of 15ft. Genius.

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