Countdown of Awesome: Bathroom media is all the rage

30 May 2014

It's Countdown of Awesome time again from UM's Tom DiSapia and Robert Bellamy. This week's top videos include a range of techno dweebs, featuring a hand-dryer that prints your daily headline news. And Carlsberg dips into social via Instagram to help extend that lovely “happy hour”.

5. McDonald's legends

Clever and simple print ads show the ingredients that go into making a legend. Great use of a channel currently often being unfairly overlooked.

Countdown to Awesome

The notion of “Happy Hour” is one that is outdated, and is by nature contradictory – who wants the party to stop after only an hour!? Carlsberg gave pubgoers a way to extend happy hour in their local pub by using Instagram photos as currency to buy more time on the clock. A nice social concept that provided a mutually beneficial solution – pub gets free advertising, drinkers get more discounted drinks = win/win.

Carlsberg - #HAPPYBEERTIME case video from Konstellation on Vimeo.

Via @toph_colter

3. Poo Lotto
Nobody likes picking up ‘presents’ their dogs dispense on their daily walk, it is an unpleasant task that many pet owners try to sneakily avoid. However, in Berlin the issue got so bad that at one point over 55 tons of dog ‘gifts’ were being left on the streets every day (enough to pave 4-5 soccer fields). To encourage dog owners to clean up after their pet the city set out to do the impossible – make people look forward to collecting their dog mess. To do this they created a lottery where they provided pet owners with free heat sensitive dog bags that revealed a number once ‘warmed’ by the dog’s offering. By taking a photo of the bag and uploading it to the PooLotto website they instantly went into the draw to win a weekly prize.

PooLotto from Ilya Malyanov on Vimeo.

Via @toph_colter

2. Paper towel newsfeed
Turn a bathroom paper towel dispenser into a printer that hands you the day’s headlines every time you go to dry your hands.

1. Honda bottle water
Electric cars are all the buzz and for good reason but what happened to Hydrogen? Honda reminds us that the only emission from Hydrogen powered cars is water. Water so pure you can drink it.

As always let us know if you have any recommendations for next week @disapia and @robertbellamy

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