The 10 job titles you should avoid

By By Wenlei Ma | 11 January 2013
Econsultancy lists the job titles you don't want on your business card. The infamous scene from American Psycho highlights the importance of business cards (and their stock and font).

Every now and then, we all come across someone with a seemingly improbable corporate job title – 'catalyst for magic' (looking at you AMP) and 'international friend maker' come to mind – but what are the titles best avoided in 2013?

Econsultancy has come up with a handy list of job titles in digital you may not want on your business card, lest you enjoy being the object of eyerolls everywhere.

Top of the list is 'guru', which Econsultancy warned can only be taken seriously if you've been practicing yoga for more than a decade, and even then you're probably only a guru at downward dog. 'Rockstar' should only be used by people such as Mick Jagger and not those with great coding skills.

Of 'ninja', Econsultancy said: “Another Silicon Valley innovation, if your new employer wants to refer to you as a ninja, you should make like a ninja and disappear – as quickly as silently”.

'Genius' is similarly met with derision: “If you get a job at the Apple store, you have little choice but to accept the title of genius. Otherwise, using your job title to imply that you qualify for Mensa is probably a bad idea.”

'Wizard' should be reserved for Harry Potter novels while 'evangelist' is just a mere conversation starter.

Others on the full list included 'maven, 'growth hacker', 'expert' and 'chief [insert wacky noun] officer'.

What's the most out-there job title you've ever encountered?

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