Snoop Dogg stars in comical campaign

By By Amy Kellow | 16 October 2012

Rapper Snoop Dogg has rewritten the lyrics to his popular 'Drop It Like It's Hot' song for US frozen food brand Hot Pockets, in what is arguably one of the strangest (or worst) celebrity-fronted spots this year.

The ad aims to promote one of Hot Pockets' microwaveable products, a cheese and pepperoni-filled roll, and features Snoop singing his re-jigged version of the song.

The rapper-turned-product-endorser is surrounded by a barrage of scantily clad back up dancers and a giant Hot Pocket wearing an animal print pimp coat.

The chorus, in case you want to sing along, is as follows. "Hungry kids in the crib Ma, pocket like it's hot, pocket like it's hot/When the cravings got a hold of you, pocket like it's hot, pocket like it's hot/And your munchies get an attitude/ Pocket like it’s hot/ I’ve got the pockets in my arms/ Setting off smoke alarms/And I eat ‘em smokin’ hot/‘Cause I got it goin’ on.”

The brand is also endorsing the Snoop spot on its Facebook page.

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